axonometric BATHROOM

Axonometric of a bathroom including a cabinet oblique of a tissue dispenser. At first I tried to fight the pink but at 12am, I decided to stop fighting what came naturally and just go pink. Especially since the breast cancer awareness campaigns have turned pink into an icon of femininity, it seems to be fitting for this graphic.

And I added in the little bathroom people as a sort of instructable because not everyone knows how to use the bathroom ;]



Traditional timee. Here are some botanical ink illustrations using different techniques.


Stippling! That's right, 1/10th of the way in,
I already regretted using that 005 micron.

Brush. Shading perpendicular to the veins.
Brush. Shading following the light
Okay this one is actually done on Illustrator using the pen tool.
First time doing something like that with Illustrator.


Nature Journaling

Some nature journaling sketches. I gotta say, as a nature noob, pretty much everything looks interesting and new to me.

Woah, some of the colours are reproducing kinda psychedelic. Put on some sunglasses and look at them, it'll look more like the original =D