Egg Timer Exploded View

ASSIGNMENT: Pick an object with an outer casing and do an exploded view of it.
Who doesn't love exploding chicken? This is what the inside of an egg timer looks like. More parts than it seems from the outside.

BEST: Breaking it apart was pretty fun, and modelling it was great once I got into the rhythm of things. This was definitely a great learning experience for figuring out how winding, time keeping mechanisms work.

WORST: Measuring everything accurately down to the last thousandth of an inch. Also, I very cleverly [sarcasm] decided to model this in sketchup and import it as a pdf into illustrator. Stuupid move. There was a lot of fixing that had to go on in illustrator as sketchup does not like curved surfaces and insists on creating jagged edges. I absolutely had the time of my life fixing those springs in illustrator.


generic Plant Cell

Here's a plant cell illustration with images of what multiple cells look like and what the membrane structure is made of. Learn something new everyday =D

BEST: I've always loved biology textbook illustrations so it was cool to be on the other end of the information communication system.

WORST: I chose to work with a limited colour palette so differentiating all the different organelle, especially the ones that look similar [golgi, ERs] got really challenging. And overall getting little details correct.


Conceptual SLR

Conceptual model of an SLR camera showing the movement of light through the lense and body of the camera.
Also, thought I'd share this TEDtalk on 3D printing human organs. Crazy, cool stuff!


Talent Show Poster

Old poster design for a talent show.