The Tower

Here's a model of a tower based loosely on the Scott Monument in Edinburgh. Enjoyy.

BEST: Seeing the final product, all lit and textured and rendered. Made all the arches, and architectural detail worth it.
WORST: Watching the clock ticking while deciding how much detail I could afford to put in. Also figuring out how to use C4D, not the most self explanatory program but incredibly functional once you figure out what all the buttons do and what all the shortcuts are.

Coming up next, Isengard! Haha just kidding. I choose life.


plankton: Siphonophore

The assignment: illustrate the structure, story, or setting of any plankton. Of course, I chose the thing with a million tentacles because what's the point of doing a simple illustration when you could just pull all your hair out? 8D
Meet the Portuguese Man O' War. It's a siphonophore and it is not a jellyfish!

Worst: Those crazy gastrozooids and gonozooids. Trying to find out which was which and how to differentiate/whether or not it's possible to tell from whatever distance was just terrible. Most closeup photos or videos of the siphonophore were unlabeled or only vaguely eluded to which parts were which. Mostly because, at this distance, the gastrozooids and gonozooids look the same. However, under closer microscopic observation they would look vastly different.
Best: After the line work was done, painting this thing was really fun. Also, solving the challenge of finding shortcuts for drawing a million zooids without it being obviously cheated/copy pasted was rewarding.