The Human Body

Warning: May contain traces of nakedness .

Here's an old piece that I just realized I never put up. You may have come across it on my portfolio site.

Best: I love the human body! Discovering new things and drawing them is always fun. Even the most mundane things like where is the gallbladder and what's the texture of the pancreas are interesting.

Worst: Figuring out origins and insertions. Henry Gray and Frank Netter were my best friends for the duration of this project.



Revisiting mr. namib beetle! These are products for harvesting and filtering water based on various animal techniques/physiology.
Namib Beetle - harvesting water through fog condensation
Shark Skin - Bacteria resistant
Lotus leaf texture - Dirt resistant
Aquaporins - filters for water molecules

Lack of clean/drinkable water is slowly becoming a huge problem in the world and it's something to look into protecting. After all, we'll never not need clean water. This hypothetical system looks at natural solutions for the water shortage problem. The Harvest Hut has the dual capacity to collect water in dry climates as well as rainy seasons and is made for quick assembly and disassembly. 


Also check out The HydroPack at Ready Set Drop. This great innovation is being used to make a difference in majority world countries where it is really needed. Kudos HTI!

+ Here's an inspiring talk on Biomimicry by Janine Benyus, courtesy of TEDtalks:


Take Off

Here is the final product of the plane model . I figured I might as well milk that Boeing model and render it from a bunch of different angles. And then I got this great idea to work with it in 3D at the print level as well. So I did that second part just for kicks, it was fun. And this project totally made me want to fly a plane [better in my head than in reality I suspect].


[reboiled] Eggs

I recently pulled up the egg timer project from fall and tried rendering it in C4D. [It was modelled in Sketchup and rendered in Kerkythea before]. I have to say, now that I actually know C4D, I cannot believe I tried to make that thing in Sketchup. Anyway, this was pretty fun just exploring file transfers [I used Colladae because I don't have sketchup pro, although obj would probably have worked better] and seeing the difference between the quality of C4D and Kerkythea.


Flight in progress

Hello Folks,

Here's a quick update on a project I'm working on. The idea is to take a set of existing blueprints and render/paint a 3d image from them. I chose a Boeing F4B4 (P12) because flight is such a fun topic and there's something about those old, colourful, somewhat unreliable airplanes that I really enjoy. So here are some process images. Final renders sooooon!

Ahaha I accidentally left in this backwall that I just noticed, is casting a weird shadow on the bottom-right plane. It looks like there's some insanely huge monument that it's flying past.


Landscape Painting

Trying to digital paint a landscape. I have never stared so hard at rocks before. I have a new respect for concept artists! I used the Isle of Skye for reference. Such a beautiful place! I'd love to go one day.