!deas Gallery Proposal - OSC

Here's a project proposal for the !dea Gallery at the Ontario Science Centre. The project was a collaboration between Jessy Chung and I. I felt really blessed to have had such an amazing partner to work with. We kept the design aspects consistent through constant communication and that really kept the project on its feet.
The in depth explanation of different elements is in there but basically, the exhibition was designed to explain to the public, what scientific illustration is. We tied together the themes, timelines, and subject matter with DNA. We felt that this would be appropriate because scientific illustration deals with the natural world and life sciences and DNA is common to all living things. Overall, we tried to make use of the many screens in the space and address the issue of interaction with viewers of different ages.

BEST: The best part of the project was definitely having someone to hash out ideas with and build on top of existing ideas to make them better.

WORST: I can't say there was anything that I didn't love about this project except for the timeline. We had to complete it in a pretty tight time frame considering that it was a group of two. That was a little bit stressful but it definitely made it an unforgettable learning experience.


Business Cards [arrived]

They're here! They actually came within a week of the order but I was in the midst of chaos at school so I hadn't had time to post them up. So overall I am very pleased with how these turned out. 
- The material [regular, I didn't think it was a good investment at this point to go for the more expensive cardstock] is very good, sturdy and not too thin. You can read the details of their card stock here 
- The photo I took looks blurry because, unfortunately, I left my camera in Oakville so I'm stuck using my phone. However, the printing itself is actually came out very crisp. If your images are vector based, be sure to save and upload to moo as pdf's not jpegs.
- I loved that the rounded corners did not cost a ton extra. Double-sided, rounded cornered cards are upwards of $24 dollars for 50.
- I also appreciate that their paper is sourced from sustainable forests and the packaging is 100% recyclable.
- The customer service was also amazing. Moo sends updates when things have been sent to the printer and when they are being shipped.
- All in all, these came out great, and it was fast. Thumbs up all around.

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Upright Piano [cutaway]

The piano is done!!! Screw you gradients, bane of my existence.
Best: Watching the parts fall into place and seeing some dimension appear as the texture and gradients were added. Also, I have to say, I am really loving those red arrows in the bottom right diagram.
Worst: Adding the texture and gradients.


Namib Beetle

Hello Mr. Namib Beetle: My first experiment on Sculptris [parts imported and assembled in C4D]. If you haven't heard of him, the Namib desert beetle has been the inspiration for many water harvesting biomimicry innovations. He sticks his bumpy bum into the air and the special hydrophilic bumps on his back causes water condensation. The droplets run down his back and into his mouth. Thus, he drinks by mooning the world. Classy.
He won't be sitting in the pristine, clean, lab environment for long haha.
Thank goodness.


Subway Safety again

Okay I upgraded the suicide poster from last year. After further research, I thought it would be more informative to provide information that would discourage people from contemplating suicide.
One thing I found really interesting is that in parts of Asia, not all the stations have suicide prevention glass but studies showed that suicide rates still decreased after some stations got the barrier glass because it "delethalized" the subway system. Something else that was pretty harrowing was reading interviews with drivers who experienced hitting a jumper and how traumatic that was for them. It seems like people underestimate their own ability to affect others sometimes.
The most annoying thing about this project was probably having to explain to people why I had notes under the heading, "suicide" in my sketchbook.


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I just ordered a pack of classic cards and some round stickers.
I'll do an update when I get them. Woohoo!


Piano [work in progress]

Hey guys,
Winter term has been nuts but I just thought I'd give this update. I'm working on a cutaway view of a piano and lemme just say, I'm in gradient hell. Image A is with a second layer of gradients to bring out the structure of the key mechanism. Image B is with only one layer of gradients that demonstrate texture.
The second layer really makes a significant difference in terms of clarifying depth and structure.
Woohoo. Hopefully I'll finish this before I pass out. 

No promises.