Woooh, just finished the first day of my work term at Hypenotic!
Best start with an encouraging note from the last intern and a coffee. I feel incredibly blessed to have this opportunity at such a great place.


Drawing People??

What's that? Drawing people with skin and clothes and everything? Shock.
Boy was I rusty. But here are some layouts with the sketches I liked best. The idea was to create some sort of relationship or narrative between the characters but I'll leave that to your imagination.
I went for a sort of dark and mysterious layout for the first one. I gotta say, the scratchy, bold, collage [somewhat Dadaist] style was a great push for me. I enjoyed getting into it immensely.
In contrast, the second layout has a light, romantic feeling. For some reason the models really liked poses with their chins tipped up so I played around with the mood of that for the second layout. Lovers from different centuries? Haha.

Best: The models we worked with were amazing! They all gave such striking, dramatic poses and were such stars about wearing uncomfortable costumes and wigs. I really enjoyed listening to fitting movie ost's while I drew. It doesn't get better than listening to POTC ost while drawing a pirate.
Worst: Having to suck up how rusty I was and just dive into it. You know, those first warm up sketches when you end up with a page full of crap and you just have to tell yourself to keep at it because in 20 minutes, better things will be landing on the page [just me?]



Hey guys,

So all the third year illustration students at Sheridan got a 12" x 12" board to do anything they wanted with. The boards will be on display together as an amalgamation of 3rd year insanity creative prowess. 
When deciding what to do with my board, I tried to combine several things that I care about: Scientific/medical illustration, typography, and coffee, as well as connecting people's random thoughts. Detailed explanation and final photos are coming soon. For now, here's a sneak peek of what I did:

Q: My friend walked in on me working on this and said, "I'm no longer surprised to see you drawing dead things." haha, made me laugh.