Coral: a 3D experience

What's that? You're in fourth year? How come you fell off the face of the planet?
Sorry guys.

Here's some untextured coral that I modelled in first semester. It was mostly an experiment in low-poly modelling and finding out efficient ways to duplicate shapes in C4D. Altogether, it was both a fun and mind numbing experience, especially with those sea fans (big, beautiful, pain in the butts). I also managed to crash a couple computers with this project (after all what is 3D modelling if it doesn't involve frying a computer...or 10).

And also included is the final product of the project which was a web app designed to educate users on the choices we make which, both positively and negatively, affect coral reefs around the world.

Best: Seeing the final product and watching the reef come together. Modelling each of those structures and looking up the different types of coral definitely made me appreciate mother nature more. These dying works of art. Speaking of art, check out the crochet reef project! It's beautiful, and nerdy.

Worst: Computers crashing, all the time, forever. Oh you didn't save that last three hours of work? Well....now you know for next time don't you? [happens every time]